Full Services of Maestro Media

Maestro Media Group is your one-stop-shop for all of your marketing and advertising needs

Logo & Branding

A lot more work goes into developing a successful brand and logo than meets the eye. Your logo and brand are going to be the first thing that a potential customer is exposed to so they need to accurately represent who you are. Color, typography, and design are just some of the important factors when creating a brand and logo that fit your business. We work with you to get to know your company and your values. Whether you are creating a new brand or rebranding a current business, your brand will represent your value to everyone that interacts with your business.


It’s important to have a strategy to market your business. We focus on both short and long term goals to create a comprehensive plan propelling your business forward. A good marketing strategy includes a diverse promotional mix to ensure that all key business areas and potential target markets are incorporated.

Website Design

A good website is a tool to provide current and prospective customers with your business’s information in a convenient and stimulating way. Website creation takes careful planning, designing and content consideration. With vast knowledge in building both traditional business websites and e-commerce websites, we can assure our clients that their site will be both attractive and effective.

Digital Marketing

Having an online presence in this digital world is key. Digital marketing allows your business to access a wider audience easily while reaching different demographics simultaneously. We create digital media for both standard and mobile platforms. We also design and compose email campaigns, static and interactive ads and online newsletters to keep your brand awareness high. By referencing analytics, we make sure that your business is advertising in the right places and your campaigns are effective.

Search Marketing

Search engine optimization is a science of its own. Our expertise allows you to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings in a natural way so that search engines won’t penalize your website’s ranking. We pride ourselves in helping our clients with Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, by extensive target market, keyword, and competitor research. We also have extensive knowledge of pay-per-click campaigns or PPC for short. This is a very useful advertising technique that allows you to pay for ads based only on the number of people that are clicking on the advertisement. This type of advertising depends on getting the keywords and bidding right for your particular industry.

Social Media

New social media platforms are constantly popping up so it can be confusing to determine which platforms are the best ones to dedicate your resources and time to. Social media is a great way to stay connected with your current customers while attracting new customers. There are so many essential pieces to creating a successful social media presence including content, engagement, promotions and customer service. Let us help you choose what social media networks are right for your business to deliver consistent and relevant content.

Print Advertising

Though sometimes deemed “old school”, traditional advertising can help you reach a demographic you may not have otherwise reached. Let us handle the process of creating traditional print materials from conception and design to production. We can assist you with a mail brochure campaign or facilitate the design of promotional material for your next tradeshow. Regardless of your needs, our team will ensure that all collateral meets your brand guidelines and is coordinated with all of your other business materials.

Event Planning

Whether you are looking to host a day-long internal conference, an employee Christmas party or a large client award ceremony we can handle everything from planning the event, securing the vendors and day of production. With over 10 years of corporate event planning experience, we are happy to plan an event with you from the bottom up or come on board the day of the event to ensure that everything runs flawlessly. Our fresh and innovative ideas will make your event professional, unique and unforgettable.